The Historic Artifact Located in Khul Asgat

The Historic Artifact Located in Khul Asgat

Bulgan /MONTSAME/. There lies a certain unique historic artifact from the 6th to 8th century in Mogod soum of Bulgan aimag. At a distance of about 35 km northwest of Mogod soum, anancient offering site is found: an engraved stone depicting 3 humanoid figures, a stone slab with traditional trellis and horn patterns, and a stone with ancient turkic inscriptions. This particular set of artifacts is sometimes referred to as ‘the Memorial of the Altan Tamgan Darkhan (Craftsman with the Golden Seal)’ in some books and works.

The artifacts were first discovered by Russian scholar N.M.Yadrintsev and its research kicked off in 1891. In later years, various foreign and domestic researchers such as V.V.Radlov, Kh.N.Orkhun, Ye.S.Malov, N.Ser-Odjav, L.Bold, V.Ye.Volkov, and Ts.Battulga continued to conduct research.

Turkic inscriptions are found on the engraved stone depicting 3 figures at its upper left corner of its front side as well as its back side and a stone slab that was found lying next to it.

“Scholars deciphered the inscription as ‘Tekesh Kuli-Tudun, the younger sibling of the Altan Tamgan Darkhan raised this stone in memory of the Altan Tamgan Darkhan and his two sons Torgul and Yelek,’” wrote historian E.Jigmeddorj.

In 1984, Former Director of the Museum of Bulgan Aimag P.Dashzeveg noted in a brief introduction about the historic artifact, “As the individual held the ‘Darkhan’ title, he carried a golden arrowhead as identification. Thus, he was proclaimed as the ‘Altan Tamgan Darkhan’.”